Yufash - TRANOÏ Richelieu



Launched in 2015, Yufash is a new breed of sustainable luxury-wear for women and men who are confident, sophisticated, and rebellious. Edgy and cold, bold and intriguing -- dynamic like the new mind. It combines artisan techniques with innovative avant-garde appeal, reflecting the forthcoming. All garments are made using ethical production giving priority to small local producers and sourcing within the UK.

Designer Kadri Klampe, founder and designer of Yufash, conveys her innovative textile expertise to fashion collections that challenge and break free from standard luxury fashion and has been selected as a finalist for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) shows by CAAFD committee for two years, consecutively.

SS20 ‘Beneath the Surface’

Yufash SS20 is inspired by the most vital and vulnerable on this earth -- our oceans and the deep blue -- which are the very center of our existence. It addresses the fragility of our oceans, their state where the living are fighting with the worst pollution we are to witness. This unimaginably beautiful world, where we stand sadly in role of the destroyer.


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