Blondish is a footwear brand Founded in 2018 in Miami by Patrizia Molina, Spanish by birth resident in new York . She has always felt like a woman of the world. Passionate about fashion, she decided to study styling in New York. Her passion for shoes has its origin in her hometown , Elche, a city that is characterized by craftsmanship and shoe manufacturing. Patrizia comes from a family that has always been dedicated to footwear. Since she was little she saw how her mother sewed hight end shoes. For her it is very important that her brand is manufactured in Spain, because she values the quality and work that is done in her country. The idea to create the logo of Blondish comes from her relationship with her west white highland Terrier , Naya. Her dog has been in all the special moments of her life, she has travelled with her through several countries. She knows that she is not going to be able to be always and she has wanted to do something that will take her with her all her life. May her footprint be permanent. Therefore, the brand logo is Naya. For several years, Patrizia has dedicated herself to the world of fashion, working as a fashion stylist and personal shopper in New York while designing her shoe line . 



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