Stacey Wang

In 2013, the first bow tie made by Stacey was a wedding gift to her brother, as a commemoration of their time as housemates and, to mark the milestone is his life. But it was also the start of something wonderful, a Taiwanese design of good quality leather accessories. With serendipity Stacey has found what she can give to the Taiwanese fashion scene, high quality leather designs made with dedication and artisan spirit. The same year Stacey Wang Leather Goods was established and so a new chapter begins.

Designer Stacey Wang graduated from Parsons New School of Design in New York, her brand emphasizes on the moldable nature, flexibility, folds and the delicate sewing of leather as a fabric and material. Stacey Wang works on these features to create different forms of leather accessory, the simplicity of lines in her design is silent but powerful.