Location: United States
Greek designer, Mara Milonopoulou feeling deep love for her country, which is for her an unlimited source of inspiration, she is showcasing her collections by applying modern and traditional techniques, like the Greek Loom, as well as unique and fresh materials, achieving her jewelry to reflect light, passion and sophisticated elegance. Her scope is to present, through her work, Greece from a different angle, choosing themes from different phases of its history. She is designing her jewelry for women who live their life, feeling like modern muses. The 9 muses in ancient Greece, were ethereal women with divine beauty, goddesses of art, music and poetry. Like them, today's modern muse praises life by living each moment. Her presence emits light, charm and grace. She is noble and selective and enchants everybody around her. She would like every woman who is wearing a piece of her jewelry to feel a touch of the mysterious beauty and the infinite and spiritual light that Greece has.